European Association of Systems Medicine


The European Association of Systems Medicine e.V. (EASyM) is a charitable association open to everyone with an interest in personalized medicine and systems medicine.  The concept of personalized medicine, or rather P4 medicine (predictive, personalized, preventive, participatory medicine), requires not just the acquisition but also the processing of large amounts of personal data.

What is Systems Medicine?

Systems Medicine builds on the integration and analysis of complex datasets through mathematical algorithms and computational modeling. Multi-factorial diseases involve complex interactions within a patient’s body that are additionally influenced by external factors. Mathematical models and computer simulations have been successfully developed in biological research to achieve a better understanding of complex biological interactions. 

The application of this approach in a clinical setting represents a powerful approach to improve:

  • Best practices of poly-pharmacology treatment in the elderly population
  • Integration of personalized genomics, proteomics and clinical phenotyping
  • Identification of biomarkers for early diagnosis, prognosis and personalized therapies.
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EASyM is open for both personal as well as institutional memberships. 

Being a member will entail several advantages including access to a Europe-wide network of Systems Medicine experts stakeholders, participation in exclusive networking and training events, regular updates on current advances in the field as well as direct and personal contribution to the development of an inclusive European strategy for Systems Medicine. For further details about EASyM membership, please click here.



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