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Call for Systems Medicine papers: BMC Systems Biology – 2018 June Deadline

The Journal BMC Systems Biology gives you the opportunity to submit Systems Medicine research publications as part of a new thematic series about Systems Medicine.

The thematic series on ‘Systems Medicine’ will review and feature applied translational research from biological mechanisms via the use of methods ranging from omics-based science, systems biology, bioinformatics and network theory to clinical practice, digital and mobile health.
In this respect, this thematic series on ‘Systems Medicine’ is closely related to personalized, stratified or precision medicine in that it is the approach that involves the tailoring of prevention, diagnosis and treatment, based on individual patient characteristics.

The series will promote a set of translational practices intended to apply medical informatics tools – such as electronic decision support and patient-collected data – to improve patient care, usually with the secondary aim of making this data accessible for research and for the practical utilization of the patients. This includes a strong focus on the use of information (ICT) technologies and big data for the purposes of medical science or clinical care.

BMC Systems Biology are seeking submissions of original research articles (including systematic reviews and meta-analyses), but also methodology, software and database articles. This collection will also include invited reviews.

The NEW deadline for submission of manuscripts is now 15th June 2018

For further information, please use the following link:

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