European Association of Systems Medicine


Prof. Dr. Jochen Prehn


Prof Prehn heads up a research team at the interface of biomedical and translational systems biology research and focusing on oncology, neuroscience, and metabolic disorders at the CSM ( RCSI. He was the first recipient of the Science Foundation Ireland Research Professorship award in 2003 and is considered an international authority on the single-cell analysis and the molecular control of apoptosis, nerve cell death and mitochondrial control of cell death. Prof Prehn has successfully conducted research in these four areas with a particular emphasis on bioenergetics, mitochondrial physiology, Bcl-2 family proteins and AMPK signalling. A second major research interest lies in real-time imaging of cell death signals in neurons and cancer cells, employing confocal and in vivo imaging techniques. This research includes the development of computational approaches to understand and overcome apoptosis sensitivity and resistance and cellular bioenergetics at a systems rather than single entity level. In collaboration with clinicians (pathology, medicine, and surgery), Prof Prehn translated these approaches into clinically relevant settings, and has initiated multiple large-scale, multi-partner clinical projects such as the APO-COLON and APO-DECIDE clinical studies. Prof. Prehn was founding President of Neuroscience Ireland and is a founding member of the Irish Academy of Medical Sciences.