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» 2019 Washington Conference

2019 Washington Conference

Georgetown University Medical Center’s (GUMC) Systems Medicine Program | The International Association of Systems Medicine | Network Medicine  (IASyM) present:

“First International Conference in Systems and Network Medicine: Applications of Systems Science and Thinking to Biomedicine.”

Georgetown University Medical Center, WASHINGTON DC, USA

September 11-13, 2019

Systems Medicine is a new and emerging field that leverages complex computational tools to develop personalized assessments of disease risk and potential management options. Systems Medicine seeks to enhance individualized diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment options. The introduction of Big Data has begun to require new types of physicians and biomedical scientists, which exploit modern computational sciences to process and analyze enormous quantities of information.

The conference will offer workshops, plenary sessions, panel discussions, oral, and poster presentations, as well as several interactive sessions – highlighting science, academia, business, and public policy. Presentations will showcase the science of systems medicine and how this exciting new field is beginning to change healthcare.

The conference aims to create an active engagement between participants, encourage future interdisciplinary research opportunities, create collaboration amongst the international systems thinking stakeholders, and foster networking.

Conference proceedings will be published in the Journal Systems Medicine, thereby expanding further the reach of the meeting’s shared insights to the broader practice, research, education, and policy communities.