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Easym Membership

EASyM is open for both personal as well as institutional memberships. Being a member will entail several advantages, including

  • Access to a Europe-wide network of systems medicine experts and stakeholders
  • Reduced fees for the EASyM annual conference
  • Exclusive invitations to systems medicine networking and training events
  • Regular updates about funding calls, events & current advances in systems medicine
  • Access to Infrastructure such as communication channels and project platform
  • Possibility of direct and personal contribution to the development of an inclusive European strategy for Systems Medicine
  • „Support for your own systems medicine projects or events
  • Mentors and Partners for Horizon 2020 and other funding opportunities


Individual membership

EASyM offers a reduced membership fee for individuals who are 30 years, or younger, still in training or work as junior doctor/postdoc.

  • Reduced individual membership fee: €15
  • Individual membership fee: €50

Individuals can join EASyM by filling out the membership Registration form


Institutional membership

Individuals who belong to an institutional member of EASyM share the same benefits as individual members of EASyM. Especially for larger organisations this option may thus be advantageous. In addition, institutional members have the right to have any of their public communications and other public output that is related to or relevant for the advancement of Systems Medicine (expect for advertisement for their products and services) distributed to all EASyM members and displayed on the EASyM website.

Membership fees for public institutes and not-for-profit organisations: €500

Membership fees for SME’s up to 120 staff: €500

Membership fees of companies with more than 120 and less than 5000 staff: €2500

Membership fees of companies with more than 5000 staff: €5000

In order to apply for institutional membership, please fill out this form and send it to


Associate status

Please note that only legal entities can apply for institutional membership. Research institutes who are part of a university or other larger entity can informally apply for the status of Associate of EASyM. Please note that recognition as an associate denotes an informal partnership and does not grant EASyM membership rights.