European Association of Systems Medicine



The Italian Association of Systems Medicine and Healthcare (ASSIMSS) is a national interdisciplinary and inter-professional, no-profit, scientific society born to develop, promote and disseminate a systems science approach to medicine and healthcare endorsing the 4P Medicine paradigm in 3 main branches: clinical medicine, basic/clinical research and management. It was born in 2014 from 26 founders from different disciplines: medicine, nursing, psychology, management, engineering, pedagogy, philosophy and epistemology, ethics, sociology, maths and physics, medical humanities, system science. ASSIMSS encompasses five main working groups: Modelling and Prediction, Personalisation and Participation, Health and Prevention, Management and Caring Complexity, Professional identity and Education. The society main activities are to promote, organise and coordinate: clinical and biomedical research programs; operational connections and co-construction among professions and disciplines; new systemic models of professional, management and research activities; knowledge building; cultural dissemination for citizens at large; training and education for professionals; official position documents and guidelines. ASSIMSS organises an annual scientific congress with a dedicated joint session with EASYM. Any person, professional, society, or private/public body can apply to become a member.